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Let's not wait for judgement day; let's par-teh!
And so I'm posting. After skipping 3 days, I'm finally posting! And so, I was bored last night. I thought of visiting Omegle again, it's a site where you can chat with total strangers. Try it sometime, you'll have fun, get pissed off, laugh your asses off and most of all, even though it's mean, you can trick people. I was lucky because the first stranger I talked to was really kind and funny and the rest are just... hilarious.

I think I'm going to post some meaningful/funny/bored conversations I had. If you're bored you can read them.

So this is it. :)

You: hi
Stranger: =)
Stranger: How r u~
You: fine. :D you?
Stranger: Great~thx :)
Stranger: asl?
You: 15 F Philippines. @-)
You: its so far. @-)
You: you?
Stranger: 22 m China
You: ooh. :D
You: how is it there?
Stranger: it's midnight @_@

You: really? its 11:33 PM here. :D
Stranger: haha~i'm such an idiot in geo~
You: how come? :))
Stranger: so we are in the same time zone~
You: yeah. :D
You: asia. \m/
You: i think so. :D
You: =))
Stranger: haha~it's my first time to chat with some from Phili~
You: really? :))
Stranger: I'm guessing you've met so many Chinese guys...
You: not really. :))
You: i only used omegle once... :))
You: this one's my second time. :D
Stranger: wow~cool
Stranger: haha...actually there are a lot from China~
You: and you're the first person i talked to. :))
You: really? people here aren't into these kinds of things. :D
Stranger: =)
Stranger: yeah
You: do you work already?
Stranger: not yet~
Stranger: still a student
You: oh? college?
Stranger: and will go to University of Chicago
You: wow.
You: congratulations!
Stranger: master of financial mathematics
Stranger: thx :)
You: wow! OMG.
You: i idolize you! @-)
Stranger: you know it? are amazing... just 15 years old ;)
Stranger: thx...but my college life is cruel...
You: how come?
Stranger: spent so much time studying math~
Stranger: my major is math
You: i figured. :D
You: i love math. =))
Stranger: :)
Stranger: not many gals like math~
You: oh? i really dont know. :))
You: its my fave subject. :D
Stranger: it's true...math could be extremely difficult or extremely interesting to people
You: i guess so.
Stranger: you are a clever girl ;)
You: i hear math is soooo hard in Japan. @-)
Stranger: perhaps that's depend on the way they study
You: i watched this video where an 11 year old kid was computing 6 digit multiplications with only visualizing the abacus. @-)
Stranger: I always think Japan has a unique way of doing things~some is great :)
You: yeah, i agree. :D (i like Japan. my best friend's half-jap)
Stranger: Yeah, I respect this nation
Stranger: but this country invade China...mix feeling la :P
You: lol. yeah, they also did that to the phil.
You: whenever my dad sees me fangirling over jap guys, he goes all "do you know what they did to the filipinos?"
You: lol.
Stranger: hahaha
You: so what do you think of your going to chicago? :D
Stranger: Japanese politics sucks...but the nation itself is awesome in certain respects
Stranger: well
Stranger: first of all...excited
Stranger: but Chicago is not very safe...
Stranger: so...a little bit worried of course
You: oh? i dont really know that. well i guess, you just have to take care of yourself there. :D
Stranger: low...
Stranger: be a nice person la :P
You: yeah, that's one thing. :)
Stranger: u still in high school rite?
You: yeah.
You: ill be in my 3rd year this coming june. :D
You: (there's 4 years of high school here.) :D
Stranger: when will u take the college entrance exam (not sure if there is one in Phili~:P)

You: yeah, there's one. probably next year. if i survive my 3rd year here. :))
Stranger: wow...then u go to college at 16?
You: at 17. :D
Stranger: cool...
You: why? at what age there? :D
You: (do you go to college, i mean)
Stranger: 18~19
You: oh. its kind of twisted here.
Stranger: yes~
Stranger: I think the earlier the better la :P
You: and i hear they're planning on adding another year in high school here. oh the torture. @-)
Stranger: haha...I don't really think that's a good idea
You: me too. but i can't do anything about it YET. :D
Stranger: You'll learn a lot in college
You: but i guess the parents would absolutely disagree. :) i figured that. :D
Stranger: study hard la...then consider pursuing a master or Phd in U.S
You: yeah. my brother and sister are actually planning on taking their second course in the US. i just dont know when yet.
You: (im the only one left studying in my family. :))
Stranger: Envy u China, a family can only have one kid :(
You: ah. the one child policy. isnt it two child policy back then?
You: or am i thinking something else? @-)
Stranger: yes...a family could have two only if the parents are both from the "one child" family~
You: oohh.
Stranger: not sure if I express clearly...this policy is interesting
You: i guess so. at least someone's doing something about the population.
Stranger: I really know a lot about China! Great...
You: lol. not really. i dont know a lot. @-)
Stranger: i'm not good at either history or's Phili :P
Stranger: How's your economy recently ?
You: me too. i cant keep up. hmm. it sucks here.
You: its supposed to be summer but it rains. (darn global warming)
You: and prices are high. and going higher. and the crime rate, OMG. what's happening to the world?
Stranger: and the temperature is lower than usual...
Stranger: haha...
Stranger: it's a domino effect
You: yeah, but the weather change here is shocking. (too hot, then too cold, then too hot all over again)
Stranger: when economy goes does everything
You: yeah, people make the world worse. :(
Stranger: did u ever hear about the 2012.12.21 rumor?
You: yeah... and we're supposed to be better beings than the animals? when we're the ones ruining the earth?
You: yeah! judgement day. @-)
Stranger: wow...its not that famous in China
Stranger: a lot people don't believe...
Stranger: hope its not true...
You: really? i dont believe it too.
You: but who knows?
Stranger: Sign...
Stranger: T_T
Stranger: maybe we should learning boxing instead of math....
You: there's actually a research where maybe in two years, snow will come to the philippines! because of global warming. @-)
You: lol. =))
Stranger: after the 12.21...we could survive like people in "stone age"
You: but that's hard.
You: oh, yeah, good morning. :D
Stranger: haha...why saying "good morning"... :)
You: its 12:01 here already. :))
Stranger: oh's a new day
Stranger: hahah....
You: yeah. its monday here already. :D
You: there? :D
Stranger: I'll probably go for an internship today...
You: oh. good luck. :))
You: im stuck at home. @-)
Stranger: thx :)
Stranger: why...not going to school?
You: no school. :D summer. :D
Stranger: haha...our edu systems are really different~
Stranger: what's the weather? is it hot?
You: yeah. people here are lazy.
You: its cold right now. been raining like hell around here.
You: which is not supposed to be happening. @-)
Stranger: haha...raining is least better than drought
You: yeah, but its too much. there's a thunderstorm. in the middle of summer! @-)
Stranger: Beijing is a little dry...raining is good I think :)
You: really? just moderate raining, though.
Stranger: Yep...
Stranger: I think the best weather is to rain in the mid night
You: yeah, i agree! :D
Stranger: haha...then the air is soooooooo fresh in the morning
You: yeah, but that's when it gets hotter. @-)
Stranger: That's true~ I really wanna visit Phili when I have time

Then the internet messed up so I was disconnected. I wanted to talk to him more. :))

This one's british. I only kept up the conversation since he's british. :x

Stranger: hi!
You: hi! :D
Stranger: HOWRE YOU?!
You: im fine, you?:)
Stranger: yeah im goooooooooooooood
Stranger: so where you from?
You: that's nice. :)
You: philippines. you? :D
Stranger: england :)
Stranger: hows it there?
You: its cold, for a change. :))
You: there?
Stranger: cold as usual :P
You: aww. my heart skipped a beat. =)) lol. sorreh. :))
You: i really want to go there. :))
Stranger: haha how come? :P
You: i dont know...
You: i love the accent. =))
Stranger: haha i dont know much about the phillipines :O
You: oh? there's not really much to learn. :))
Stranger: haha is it nice?
You: i wont say that. :)) but we have some great tourist spots here. :))
You: great ones. :D
You: it sounds like im advertising :)
Stranger: haha are you advertising? ;D
You: no. it was never my intention. :))
Stranger: haha are you a guy or a girl? :
Stranger: :P
You: girl. you?
Stranger: guy
You: oh. :))
You: how old are you anyway?
Stranger: 17 :O
Stranger: you?
You: 15. :)
Stranger: so what you been up to today? :O
You: nothing. i watched the TV all day. its like 1 AM here now. :))
Stranger: whhoooaa :O
Stranger: your in the future!
You: lol. why? :))
Stranger: its only 6pm :P
You: sunday there? :D
You: its monday here already. :>
Stranger: haha you have school soon ;D
You: not really. its summer here. :D
You: so i dont have to go to school.
Stranger: YOUR SO LUCKY :O
You: why? when's summer there? around august?
Stranger: uhhhh starts in jully
You: oh.
You: its not very far.
You: just have to endure it. high school? :D
Stranger: college :O
Stranger: so i think thats the same thing :P
You: nice. :)) lol.
You: what course?
Stranger: music :O
You: wow. OMG.
You: sing? instrument?
Stranger: i play guitar bass drums and piano :O
You: really?
You: cool.

He didn't reply after that so I had to disconnect, just when the conversation was getting better. LOL. :))

These are the others I found stupid or funny.

Stranger: Hi I'm James
You: hello.
Stranger: Hi
Stranger: :)
You: how're you, James? :D
I disconnected.

Stranger: You have 10 seconds to say something which is vaguely interesting or I'm afraid I'll have to disconnect you. This does not include "Hello", "lol", "hi", "hey" or any other zany and wacky internet phrases.
Stranger: 10
Stranger: 9
Stranger: 8
Stranger: 7
Stranger: 6
Stranger: 5
You: helo.
Stranger: 4
Stranger: 3
Stranger: 2
Stranger: 1
He disconnected.

Stranger: hello
You: hi
Stranger: i think i knowyou
You: oh, really?
Stranger: yes
You: who am i?
Stranger: you feel it?Stranger: i see an E
You: yes.
Stranger: and something about money
Stranger: its a bit vague
You: really?
I disconnected.

You: hello
Stranger: Hi hottie :D
I disconnected.

If I'm able to come across another interesting or just plain hilarious conversation, I'll definitely save and post it here. It's your decision if you're going to read it but if you're bored, you can. It's pretty funny. Or you can talk to strangers yourself Omegle (see the link above) and have your own conversations. Have fun!

Oh, my sister and I were watching Boys Over Flowers yesterday afternoon and we realized that one of the lead characters, Lee Min Ho, who's playing Gu Jun Pyo (the leader of the F4) actually looked like Jerry Yan (the one who played Dao Ming Si on Meteor Garden, also the leader of F4). So we were saying that even if they're not from the same nationality, they may be brothers. I'm going to post some pictures for everyone to compare and see. You may leave comments of agreement or disapproval. :))

What can i say they're both handsome and good actors so there is not much to compare but look for yourself.
Lee Min Ho      Jerry Yan
 The one on the left is Lee Min Ho (Boys over Flowers) and the one the right is Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden).

 The one on the left is Lee Min Ho (Boys over Flowers) and the one the right is Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden). AGAIN. But this one is clearer since they're really being compared.
I thank Google Images.

I took some great icons from these people. Take a look:
So that's it for now. I know, I know. Once again, my post is long.
Take care of yourselves, guys.
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