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FREAKIN' CRAZY. :> [30 Apr 2009|12:39pm]
[ mood | zzz... ]

Hi, guys. A friend of mine posted this on her multiply. I just stole it [with permission... so its not really stealing].
I tag everyone! Mine is just crazy.

What does YOUR last name say about you?Collapse )

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I TALK TO STRANGERS. :)) [27 Apr 2009|01:08pm]
[ mood | HAIIIIYA! ]

Let's not wait for judgement day; let's par-teh!
And so I'm posting. After skipping 3 days, I'm finally posting! And so, I was bored last night. I thought of visiting Omegle again, it's a site where you can chat with total strangers. Try it sometime, you'll have fun, get pissed off, laugh your asses off and most of all, even though it's mean, you can trick people. I was lucky because the first stranger I talked to was really kind and funny and the rest are just... hilarious.

I think I'm going to post some meaningful/funny/bored conversations I had. If you're bored you can read them.

Do you believe in Judgement Day? @-)Collapse )

When you're ahead of time, you're in the FUTURE. @-)Collapse )

LMAO is the term I yearn for. :))Collapse )

If I'm able to come across another interesting or just plain hilarious conversation, I'll definitely save and post it here. It's your decision if you're going to read it but if you're bored, you can. It's pretty funny. Or you can talk to strangers yourself Omegle (see the link above) and have your own conversations. Have fun!

Oh, my sister and I were watching Boys Over Flowers yesterday afternoon and we realized that one of the lead characters, Lee Min Ho, who's playing Gu Jun Pyo (the leader of the F4) actually looked like Jerry Yan (the one who played Dao Ming Si on Meteor Garden, also the leader of F4). So we were saying that even if they're not from the same nationality, they may be brothers. I'm going to post some pictures for everyone to compare and see. You may leave comments of agreement or disapproval. :))

What can i say they're both handsome and good actors so there is not much to compare but look for yourself.

Lee Min Ho      Jerry Yan
 The one on the left is Lee Min Ho (Boys over Flowers) and the one the right is Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden).

 The one on the left is Lee Min Ho (Boys over Flowers) and the one the right is Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden). AGAIN. But this one is clearer since they're really being compared.
I thank Google Images.

I took some great icons from these people. Take a look:
So that's it for now. I know, I know. Once again, my post is long.
Take care of yourselves, guys.
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CARTOONS ARE VIOLENT. @-) [23 Apr 2009|06:33pm]
[ mood | WHEE! ]

Batman isn't even a superhero. He's a hero; without the super.
Okay. While I'm transferring some videos to my computer (this isn't my computer; it's my sister's but since my computer's sound card and video card and ethernet aren't working as of the moment, I'm stuck with the laptop) I figured I'll update my livejournal! So here I am, typing random words that makes up random sentences that tells random stories. Anyway, since this summer is so boring for me, my day always goes by with me watching cartoons, cartoons, and lots of cartoons. One of my favorites is The Fairly Odd Parents since Cosmo's there and I don't know, I just love Butch Hartman cartoons.

Earlier, while I was watching some cartoons on Nickelodeon (CLICK HERE YAH!) and I just so happen to not like the current cartoon showing so I turned to The Cartoon Network (CLICK HERE YAH! AGAIN.) and they were showing The Powerpuff Girls Z. Yes, and I was like, "There's a Powerpuff Girls Z  show?" and if I may say, it's definitely better than the original since they actually grew up a bit! Like, they can't keep all of their cartoons kids. Time passes by. Just like Rugrats, they actually made a show wherein they grew up! Finally, some people are thinking. Anyway, the show was good since the graphics are better and the girls are way cuter than the original. I found a picture of the PPGZ girls. I thank Google (Google here!).

There you go! They're actually cuter, aren't they?
Somehow, I came to the conclusion that cartoons these days are full of violence since everything is all about fighting and blowing up stuff and fighting and superpowers and fighting and punching and fighting and villains and fighting. You get the idea. And I kept thinking, why would people actually like these cartoons that shows violence? Does that mean that people love violence? For a change, the world has problems already and people are liking violence? What is wrong with the world? I somehow imagined the next generation actually watching plenty of cartoons with a lot of violence in them and actually laughing because of the funny plot. Can't we produce cartoons without violence? Even if they're saving people from crime, teaching kids that doing those crime is a bad thing, is showing how to do it with fighting actually a solution?

So, that's drama but it's a thought to ponder.

Then my thoughts wander to superheroes because Cartoon Network showed a Batman commercial and I thought, Batman can't be a superhero. He doesn't even have powers, for Pete's sake. He can be a hero, yeah, but a superhero? I don't think so. What makes him so super to be considered a superhero? He saves people, I know that. I save kittens, can I be a superhero now? LOL. (I was talking to lettherebebrock and he told me that maybe, if you're wearing a costume, it means that you're a superhero already. FANNEH.)

GAH. Changing topic, I missed uber lots of FOP episodes so I'll make up for that. YAY!

This post means no harm to any fans who're going to be able to read it. Bye. :D
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